June 19th, 2017



Village of North Fond du Lac – BOARD OF TRUSTEES


Board Present                                        Staff Present

Jim Moore – President                                                            Chuck Hornung – Administrator

John Duffy – Trustee                                                              Jake Flaherty – Fire Chief

Keith King - Trustee                                                               Darrin Pautsch – Police Chief

Mike Streetar – Trustee                                                           Nick Leonard – Dir. Eng & Planning

Mike Will – Trustee                                                                Eric Butler – EMS Director


Others in attendance:

            Barb Immel                 Lyle Immel                  Barbara Due                Ken Wadlschmidt

            Russel Pont                 Trevor Kuphal



      Moore called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM. Moore, Duffy, Streetar, King and Will present.




Jim Moore called the Public Meeting to Order at 6:02 pm.

Public hearing for changes to Chapter 16 of the Village ordinances O-2017-02 – Parking Regulations.

After three calls for comments with no comments, Jim Moore closed the public meeting at 6:04 pm.


1.      Mike Will and Mike Streetar thanked everyone involved with last weekend’s North Fondy Fest event. Around 950 of the 1200 ticket were sold. The weather cooperated. A good crowd was in attendance for the band on Saturday night. Mike Streetar heard many positive comments on the event.

F.         PRESIDENTS BUSINESS and Staff Reports:

1.      Library – Heather Wegner – Chuck presented two items for Heather. The summer reading program has started and the Library entered a float at Saturday’s North Fondy Fest parade.

2.      Administrator – Chuck Hornung – Chuck stated that he and Nick Leonard are continuing to meet to discuss next steps with completing the Virtual Building project. The current effort is permitting with the DNR. Chuck is also working with the County to setup a mobile computer for the inter-facility transport service initiative. Chuck also attended the Library Board meeting. Chuck and the Board discussed the carpet replacement capital project and vacation and sick leave policies. He also is continuing to investigate managed IT for the Village.

3.      Darren Pautsch – Police Department – Chief Pautsch handed out the monthly report. A final employment offer was made to Jared Dean for the vacant patrol officer position. Jared accepted the offer and will start July 5th. Chief Pautsch thanked the North Fond du Lac Optimist club for inviting the NFDL PD to a cook out to recognize the department. Chief Pautsch noted that this year’s North Fondy Fest was very quiet. There were no noise complaints, only one intoxicated person who was asked to leave and did, and one under- age drinking ticket issued. Chief also thanked the FDL PD for traffic control assistance during the parade.

4.      Jake Flaherty – Fire Chief – Jake thanked the North Fondy Fest committee for reaching out to his department to create contingency plans for possible severe storms during North Fondy Fest event. The Fire and EMS Department members staffed a booth at the event and did very well. Recently, the department responded to seven calls in four days. He will have the monthly report at the next board meeting. Jake will be working on a format for reporting 502 calls and inter-facility transports. The inter-facility transport academy training is going well. They are taking this week off but will resume next week Monday for the final week of training. 502 will be taken down to the Village garage for a possible water pump problem.

5.      Nick Leonard – Director of Planning and Engineering – Last Tuesday, a Planning Commission meeting was held to discuss re-zoning of Town of Friendship properties. Because of the property residing in the extraterritorial area, it requires Village Planning Commission approval which was granted. Last week, resident meetings were held to inform residents with properties impacted by the Indiana and Minnesota streets projects. Updates were given on the project and assessments were discussed.


1.      Approve the minutes of the following Village Board Meeting: June 5th, 2017.

2.      Approve invoices and authorize checks to be drawn on the respective funds in the amounts indicated:

General Fund:                         $151,541.07

Outdoor Rec.                          $2,542.94

Library Fund                           $350.48

EMS Fund                              $3,538.63

Capital Projects                       $4,519.40

Water Department                  $2,648.34

Wastewater Department         $5,157.38

Community Dev. Authority    $1,106.95

Storm Water Fund                  $515.74



3.      Approve or deny operator’s licenses for:

Holly Smantha Sinotte

Donna Lynn Blend

Michael Joseph Klotz

Richard Anthony Nett

Michelle Ann Nett

Nancy Lynn O’Neil

Rebecca Louise Munro

Nicole Marie Cook

Anthony James Puddy

A motion was made by Mike Will with a second by Mike Streetar to approve the consent agenda. All ayes.


1.      Discussion and possible action on approving the following 2017-2018 licenses for:

Class “B” Fermented Malt Beverages and Intoxicating Liquor Licenses:

Charlie’s Banquet Hall & Pub

Jenz bar

Rumours Tavern


Combination Class “A” Fermented Malt Beverage and Intoxicating Liquor Licenses:

PDQ Stores, Inc.

Korneli’s Prospect Express

Mad/Max Convenience Store

Dolgencorp, LLC (Dollar General)



Dance Hall License:

Charlie’s Banquet Hall and Pub

Jenz Bar


Tobacco and Cigarette Licenses:

Korneli’s Prospect Express

PDQ Stores, Inc.

Mad/Max Convenience Store

Dollar General Store #17883


Non-Intoxicating Beverage Licenses:

PDQ Stores, Inc.

Korneli’s Prospect Express

Jenz Bar

Mad/Max Restaurant

Mad/Max Convenience Store

Charlie’s Banquet Hall and Pub

Rumours Tavern


Mobile Home Park Licenses:

Flood Communities LLC

A motion was made by Mike Streetar with a second by John Duffy to approve the 2017 – 2018 licenses. All ayes.

2.      Discussion and possible action on approving the appointment of Adam Moriarity to EMS Lieutenant. Jake Flaherty gave a brief background on Adam. Adam was a key person in getting the inter-facility transport service proposal submitted. A motion was made by John Duffy with a second by Mike Will to approve the appointment. All ayes. Mike Will said that Adam did a nice job in presenting the inter-facility proposal to the board.

I.           RESOLUTIONS:

1.      Discussion and possible action on approving R-08-2017 – Preliminary Resolution Declaring Intent to Levy Special Assessments under Municipal (Police) Power. (Indiana Ave – Lakeshore South) Nick explained the assessment process for new construction that is part of the reconstruction of Minnesota Ave. and Indiana Ave this summer. The question and the reason residents are attending this meeting is whether sidewalks are necessary on the Indiana Ave. reconstruction. The residents don’t feel sidewalks are necessary on this stretch of street. Staff agrees with them. Russ Pont addressed the board indicating he did not feel they were necessary. There are few people walking in this area. Jeff Will also addressed the board. He did not feel sidewalks were necessary but also wanted to make sure his truck repair business was not impacted by the construction. He felt he needed adequate driveway width for large heavy trucks to enter his business. He also asked if there is limited access during the construction that it would be better early in the week when he doesn’t have as much traffic. Nick responded to his requests by saying he would work very close with him and that there is village staff on the job location during the construction to ensure there is open communication with the residents. Nick was asked what type of curb was designed for the project. Nick indicated it would be a standard curb based on the type of traffic on this portion of the street. Mike Will asked if the entire project will be assessed. Nick said that the cost of the project for home owners’ abutting the street will be fully assessed. Mike Will asked if the board elects to not put in sidewalk now, can it be put in the future. Nick said that installation of a sidewalk will be designed into the project and can put in later. A motion was made by John Duffy with a second by Keith King to approve R-08-2017 with the language stating that a sidewalk will not be installed. All ayes.

2.      Discussion and possible action on approving R-09-2017 – Preliminary Resolution Declaring Intent to Levy Special Assessments under Municipal (Police) Power. (Minnesota Ave.) Nick stated that a meeting was held for residents impacted by the Minnesota Ave. reconstruction project. Mike Streetar asked how many residents came to the meeting. Nick estimated at around 18 which was a very good turnout. John Duffy asked about property along the reconstruction area that is still in the Town of Friendship. Nick said the properties not in the Village will incur a deferred assessment and will be on our books as deferred revenue. Once they annex into the village, the assessment will be due to be paid. A motion was made by Mike Streetar with a second by Keith King to approve R-09-2017. All ayes.

J.          ORDINANCES:

1.      Ordinance change to Chapter 16 of the Village Ordinance O-2017-02 – Parking Regulations. First Reading. Chuck expanded on the reading to explain about the three parking stalls in front of the Library. Vehicles have been parking in these stall all day long limiting library parking. The Ordinance change would only allow two hour parking for the three stalls. No action.



M.      NEW BUSINESS: (None)


     A motion was made by Mike Streetar with a second by Keith King to adjourn at 6:40 PM. All ayes.


Respectfully submitted,



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            James Moore, Village President                                     Chuck Hornung, Village Administrator

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