May 15th, 2017



Village of North Fond du Lac – BOARD OF TRUSTEES


Board Present                                                      Staff Present

Jim Moore – President                                                            Chuck Hornung – Administrator

John Duffy – Trustee                                                              Heather Wegner - Librarian

Keith King - Trustee                                                               Darrin Pautsch – Police Chief

Mike Streetar – Trustee                                                           Nick Leonard – Dir. Planning & Engineering

Mike Will – Trustee



      Moore called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM. Moore, Duffy, Streetar, King and Will present.




1.      Adjourn to Public Hearing. President Moore opened the hearing at 6:02 pm.

Public Hearing for changes to Chapter 16 of the Village ordinances O-2017-01 – Parking Regulations. After three calls for comments with no comments, President Moore closed the hearing.

Adjourned Public Hearing at 6:04 pm.                   


1.      President Moore presented a $500 check to Chief Pautsch for the DARE Program.

2.      Mike Streetar announced that 30,000 pounds of food was collected last Saturday for the letter carrier’s food drive. He thanked all those who helped and contributed.

F.         PRESIDENTS BUSINESS and Staff Reports:

1.      Library – Heather Wegner – Heather and staff are finalizing the summer reading program. Class visits will start next week. The Library is still collecting bottle caps for a summer program where the caps will be used to create a mural. Heather is working with several carpeting companies to get quotes for replacing the carpet at the library. An end of school Tea Party was held last week. It was well attended.

2.      Administrator – Chuck Hornung – Chuck reported a short power outage at the village offices that created some desktop computer issues. He is also talking to several copier providers to replace the admin copier.  Chuck met with personnel from the FDL County Emergency Management offices. They are updating their records. Chuck also met with the individual who installed the PA system at Village Park. He has requested some minor changes to make the system easier to use.

3.      Darren Pautsch – Police Department – Chief Pautsch and Officer Hendrix participated in the take a bike to school day at Friendship Learning Center. Both Chief Pautsch and Officer Hendrix set up a bike safety session. Last Thursday, Chief Pautsch participated in an Officer Memorial Service in FDL. Chief Pautsch handed out a report showing the number of calls and what they were for. He also mentioned that there is an online site that shows where crimes have been reported in the Village. There will be a link setup on the Village web site.

4.      Nick Leonard – Director of Planning and Engineering – Nick reported that DPW staff are busy working at the pool fixing several concrete squares that are cracked. They will be putting up the third shade structure. Nick and Mitch are busy televising resident’s sewer mains along the two areas that are scheduled for reconstruction this year. There are some questions as to whether there will be sidewalk put on the Indiana street reconstruction.


1.      Approve the minutes of the following Village Board Meeting: May 1st, 2017.

2.      Approve invoices and authorize checks to be drawn on the respective funds in the amounts indicated:


General Fund:                         $110,008.88

Outdoor Rec.                          $680.00

Library Fund                           $2,911.62

EMS Fund                              $1,018.73

Capital Projects                       $21,089.21

Water Department                  $2,752.07

Wastewater Department         $211,509.78

Community Dev. Authority    $15,320.00

Storm Water Fund                  $2,259.39


3.      Approve or deny operator’s licenses for:

Tanya Marie Hooser

A motion was made by Mike Will with a second by Mike Streetar to approve the consent agenda. Nick explained the wastewater treatment plant true up number. The true up for 2016 was $100,000 due to a wet 2016. All ayes.


1.      Discussion on process for reviewing the Personnel Policy Manual. Chuck explained that staff are meeting bi-weekly to review the policy manual. Once they have gone through the entire manual, it will be presented to the board. Mike Will asked if all requests from staff, not just the department heads will be discussed. Chuck said yes.

2.      Accept resignation of Randy Stutz - EMS Department. Chuck said that he had received the resignation and requested a motion to approve. A motion was made by Duffy with a second by Streetar to accept the resignation. Duffy added that the Village thanked Randy for the many years of service. Will added that there should be some formal recognition for his service to the Village. Chuck said that he had planned to do that in the near future. All ayes.

3.      Discussion and possible action on developers request for Prospect Park. Chuck informed the board that the Prospect Park property is set for a sheriff’s sale tomorrow. He had put it on the agenda in case there was any questions coming from the owner or any interested parties. There were no questions or action needed.

I.           RESOLUTIONS:

1.      Discussion and possible action on approving R-05-2017 – Application for Financial Assistance from State of Wisconsin Environmental Improvement Fund. Nick led the discussion stating this resolution would approve applying for financial assistance for replacement of lead water services. Any money granted would be for 100% grant money, no cost sharing. Duffy asked how the funds would be used and who qualified. Nick was not totally sure. Will asked if there were any lead services in the areas of reconstruction set for 2017. Nick did not think there was any on Minnesota Ave. but there could be some on Indiana. A motion was made by King with a second by Will to approve R-05-2017. All ayes.

2.      Discussion and possible action on approving R-06-2017 – Extension of an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Town of FDL. Chuck noted this resolution was to extend a current agreement until it could be reviewed and possibly approved for an extension. Will asked how long an extension would be for. Chuck said it could be 10 to 20 years. The current one was for 20 years. Duffy asked why this wasn’t looked at sooner so the extension would not be needed. Chuck said it slipped through the cracks. A motion was made by Streetar with second by Duffy to approve R-06-2017. All ayes.

J.          ORDINANCES:

1.      Ordinance change to Chapter 16 of the Village Ordinance O-2017-01 – Parking Regulations. First reading (No Action) This request for a change was to remove a limited parking time sign on Chapman Ave. near St. Paul’s School. A resident asked if it was still necessary. Chuck had contacted St. Paul’s School and the NFDL School District to see if either felt it should remain. Neither felt it was necessary. No action at this reading.



M.      NEW BUSINESS: (None)


     A motion was made by Mike Streetar with a second by Keith King to adjourn at 6:30 PM. All ayes.


Respectfully submitted,



      ______________________________             __________________________________


            James Moore, Village President                                     Chuck Hornung, Village Administrator