February 20th, 2017



Village of North Fond du Lac – BOARD OF TRUSTEES



Board Present                                                      Staff Present

Jim Moore – President                                                            Chuck Hornung – Administrator

John Duffy – Trustee                                                              Randy Stutz – EMS Director

Keith King - Trustee                                                               Darrin Pautsch – Police Chief

Mike Streetar – Excused                                                         Nick Leonard – Dir. Planning & Engineering

Mike Will – Trustee                                                                Heather Wegner – Librarian


Others: Louise Gudex

            Bob Poch – Keller Construction

            Steve Jenkins - FCEDC



      Moore called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM. Moore, Duffy, King, and Will present.



1.      Louise Gudex from the FDL County Housing Authority came to the meeting to present an overview of the housing authority. She provided a handout that showed the history, housing inventory, and operation figures.

D.        ANNOUNCEMENTS: (None)

E.        PRESIDENTS BUSINESS and Staff Reports:

1.      Library - Heather Wegner – Heather reported that she has been working on the annual report. The library staff is gearing up for the Summer Reading Program. She is trying to see if she can organize one more workshop before the summer programs start. They are always looking for more members for the Writers and Book Clubs.

2.      Administrator – Chuck Hornung – Chuck, after returning from vacation, is trying to catchup on messages and other issues that arose in his absence. He is continuing to test and work on the phone conversion.

3.      Darren Pautsch – Police Department – Chief Pautsch attended a chief’s conference. He indicated the speakers and topics were excellent. They included amongst others, wellness and motivation topics. For every one officer killed on duty, there are six that commit suicide. Staff is continuing to be very busy with welfare and mental health incidents. A report of a suspicious person photo graphing the Village municipal building turned out to be innocent. 

4.      Randy Stutz – EMS Director – Randy reported that the turnout for the annual EMS / Fire Christmas banquet was very good. A Fire / EMS Department brat fry is scheduled for March 11th. Randy and Chuck are working with Jeff Preston to negotiate the purchase a LifePac 15 which was budgeted in the EMS budget.  Randy updated the Board on the progress of improving the backup ambulance, 502, response. A new procedure set up with the City will have an auto-aide call made to the city for all 502 calls. If the Village is able to staff the 502 call the City will be called to not respond. Mike Will thanked Randy and said it was a positive step in better service to our residents and the neighboring townships we service.

5.      Nick Leonard – Director Planning & Engineering – Nick said the majority of his time has been working on the utility budgets and the utility audit which was going on today.


1.      Approve the minutes of the following Village Board Meeting: February 06, 2017.

2.      Approve invoices and authorize checks to be drawn on the respective funds in the amounts indicated:


General Fund:                         $37,980.36

Outdoor Rec.                          $.00

Library Fund                           $1,194.69

EMS Fund                              $1,785.55

Capital Projects                       $10,210.75

Water Department                  $2,638.82

Wastewater Department           $318,195.15

Community Dev. Authority       $94,670.61

Storm Water Fund                  $409.84



A motion was made by Mike Will with a second by Keith King to approve the consent agenda. All ayes.


1.      Presentation and discussion on the Planning Commission approved Virtual Building Plans. Chuck and Nick presented the Virtual Plan created by Keller Building. This plan was approved for a recommendation to the Village Board. No action was required until an actual business would come in for any final plan approvals. A virtual fly over was show to the Village board. Steve Jenkins reported on the marketing efforts that would be used to get the word out. The advantage of this concept is to reduce the lead time for a business to start construction, avoiding three to four months of the time required for site approval and permitting.

2.      Discussion and possible action on modifying Ordinance 21.02 (6) (f) – Mobile Homes, Trailers, Boats, Semis, and Buses. Nick led the discussion by reporting on the Planning Commission’s discussion and final recommendation to not add additional language stating “no further exceptions would be approved”. A defined process is in place in the ordinance for anyone wanting to request a variance from the ordinance. Duffy asked if this was always followed. Nick felt there was an occasional request that did not follow this process mainly because of not knowing it should have been part of Chapter 21, Zoning, which would require the variance process. Will asked if there is a fee for a variance request. Nick said there was a fee. A motion was made by Keith King with a second by Mike Will to not make any changes to the ordinance and resort to the process that is in place. All ayes.


I.           UNFINISHED BUSINESS: (None)

J.          NEW BUSINESS: (None)


Discussion of a personnel issue under Wisconsin State Statutes 19.85(1) (c) considering employment, promotion, Compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility.

1.      Municipal Court Staffing.

A motion was made by Keith King with a second by John Duffy to go into closed session at 6:58 PM. Roll Call (Duffy – Yes) (King – Yes) (Moore – Yes) (Will – Yes) A motion was made by John Duffy with a second by Keith King to go into open session at 7:20 PM. Roll Call (Duffy – Yes) (King – Yes) (Moore – Yes) (Will – Yes)


A motion was made by Keith King with a second by John Duffy to adjourn at 7:21 PM. All ayes.


Respectfully submitted,



            __________________________________             __________________________________


            James Moore, Village President                                     Chuck Hornung, Village Administrator